New Research on Dementia


With the new academic year rolling around our team are busy making plans and setting goals for the upcoming months. Research never sleeps and PhD life is certainly never dull! It has been a busy few months in our office of summer schools, ethics and funding applications, conference attendances and data collection. With new responsibilities such as teaching and internships ahead we’re experiencing the many twists, turns and diversions of PhD life.

One of our researchers, Aisling, has been making steps forward in her research and recently opened a questionnaire to speech and language therapists (SLTs) working with people with dementia and swallowing problems. People with dementia are a growing client group for SLTs and Aisling is interested in how therapists and carers understand and manage the eating and drinking difficulties that can occur as dementia progresses. There has been a positive response to the questionnaire so far, and it seems that SLTs are motivated and inspired to provide innovative care and support to their clients. If you’re interested in seeing more information about the questionnaire it can be accessed here

Aisling also hopes to speak to carers living or working with people with dementia to understand their concerns and priorities.
While there is much still to be learned about eating and drinking difficulties in dementia the experiences and knowledge of the people at the forefront are essential to guide research and to ensure it meets the needs of the people who need it most .


The DTC for Communication Disorders

The new doctoral training centre (DTC) for Communication Disorders is up and running at the University of Strathclyde!

We are a group of Masters and PhD Students all specializing in the area of speech and language research. Last month we had our first departmental event on a farm in sunny Renfrewshire with the students, supervisors and fellow researchers across the globe.

Students presented updates on their current projects which opened up discussions across the board. Demonstrations of current instruments for research took place e.g. ultrasound tongue imaging that is being used in Louise McKeever’s PhD project and part of Dr. Joanne Cleland’s ultraphonix project. Dr. Alan Wrench demonstrated Advanced Articulate Assistant software which allows real-time ultrasound tongue imaging.


Ultrasound demonstration of Aisling Egan swallowing.

Excellent day and we look forward to more events with this new and exciting working partnership!