SLT Researchers @ Digital Humanities Conference


Research conferences are an excellent platform for PhD students to face the scrutiny of the world outside their research group. It paves way to join conversations with your peers, find where your research sits and gain valuable feedback from experienced and early researchers  alike.

Our researchers presented their work in the form of posters at the recently held full day conference hosted by the Strathclyde HaSS Graduate School. Titled The Digital Human: Humanities and Social Sciences in the Digital Age, this is a student-led conference aimed to highlight the ways in which science, technology, humanities, and social sciences interact with one other.

Louise and Revathy presented their respective work centred on the theme of digital contributions to health and wellbeing. Louise introduced her research on investigating speech errors in autism using Ultrasound Tongue Imaging. This study is aimed to contribute to our understanding of the underlying cause of autism. Revathy also introduced her research focusing on feasibility studies on the reliability of assistive technologies for children. This research aims to suggest a methodology to develop gaming solutions for therapeutic use in Speech-Language Pathology for children.

The inter-disciplinary nature of both the posters attracted a wide range of interested from visitors and delegates  involved  in different aspects of the research such as health and well-being and use of technology. The conference surely gave an upswing to the start the  academic year!!!


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