The Team


Aisling Egan
I am completing my research under the supervision of Dr. Anja Lowit and Carolyn Allen. My research is examining dysphagia (swallowing problems) and mealtime difficulties in people with dementia. I am hoping to gather the perspectives and practices of both speech and language therapists working in this field and carers of people with dementia.


Louise McKeever
My research focuses on the relationship between speech, language and fine motor control difficulties in children with autism. My research interests are autism spectrum conditions, ultrasound tongue imaging, speech motor control and language.












Revathy Nayar
I am currently involved in a multi-disciplinary research study focusing on the challenges observed in integrating advanced mobile and signal processing technologies into mainstream speech pathology practices for children.



Rebecca Wagstaff
My PhD is focusing on language and cognitive processing in Parkinson’s Disease, under the supervision of Prof. Anja Lowit, Dr. Louise Brown and Dr. Anja Kuschmann. I aim to find out more about the language changes which can present in Parkinson’s Disease, and particularly whether these changes reflect an underlying linguistic deficit and/or reflect changes to other cognitive (thinking) skills.




Hello everybody, I am Huiyi Wu, a new member of the SLT Laboratory, and I am a fresh PhD student in the Signal Processing department too. I am doing an investigation on how to develop a diagnostic tool for voice disorders through the application of neural networks. The application of machine learning is becoming more and more important in many scientific experiments, and neural networks is obviously the most significant tool for it.



Tolulope Ijitona
My current research is in the area of advanced signal processing technologies in clinical applications. The focus of my research is in application of signal processing in treatment of speech-related disorders. At the end of my research, I hope to develop an acoustic tool which provides an objective measurement for speech features and can be used by therapists to assess and treat speech disorders over time

vcoble photo

Hello, my name is Vickie Coble and I am a first-year PhD student, investigating primary progressive aphasia (PPA); a neurological syndrome that gradually impairs an individual’s ability to speak, read, write, and/or comprehend word meaning. My research explores a non-verbal communication strategy, which uses single word signs adapted from British Sign Language. My goal is to provide an alternative intervention that may allow individuals diagnosed with PPA to commmunicate with their caregivers.